PAO Group (PAOG) To Release A New CBD Nutraceutical Product Line In Partnership With North American Cannabis (USMJ), Alkame Holdings Inc (ALKM) And Puration Inc (PURA)

PAO Group (OTCMKTS: PAOG), on May 7, released to the world a preview of their new CBD Nutraceutical product line. This new CBD line of products is expected to start generating company revenue as soon as this year. Though, the company will still continue working on its long-term CBD pharma developments. PAOG has been in existence for quite some time now, and it knows its way around the CBD product market very well.

PAO Group is developing a CBD product titled RespRx that’s designed to treat COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder). Starting in 2021’s fourth quarter, the company plans to introduce around three new CBD Nutraceuticals. The first one being developed will be titled CBD RELAX-RX and will mainly be for the depression and anxiety treatment industry, which experts believe will hit the 18-billion USD value marker by 2025.

The second one will come from the ongoing COPD research PAOG is already conducting and will target the same industry separately. Finally, the last CBD Nutraceutical will be developed in conjunction with Puration, Inc’s EVERx CBD Sports Water and will focus on the sports nutrition industry.

PAO Group is planning to both distribute and develop these CBD products with Alkame Holdings, which will be a copacker, and the distributor will be North American Cannabis Holdings.

There might be some forward-looking information in the news release PAOG made. All statements, besides the statements of facts, are forward-looking statements that involve certain uncertainties and risks. There’s no assurance that the statements made in the release will be accurate. Future plans and actual results could materially differ from what has been anticipated by all the parties involved. In addition, technical complications that arise could hinder the prompt implementation of all the strategic plans highlighted in the piece they sent out.

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