PG&E Corporation (NYSE: PCG) To Face Criminal Liability In Zogg Fire Case; Company Disagrees With Charges

PG&E Corporation (NYSE: PCG) or Pacific Gas & Electric could be in a puddle for the Zogg fire in Northern California, which destroyed several homes. The District Attorney of Shasta County, Stephanie Bridgett, said that the company could face “criminal liability” for the fire. On Thursday, Stephanie Bridgett took to Facebook to post the same. The equipment of PG&E Corporation had sparked a fire the previous year, which led to the killing of four people. This will be the latest action to be taken against this company for neglecting the electrical grid. PG&E Corporation is the largest utility in the country and was bellied up due to devastating wildfires. 

PG&E Corp’s Stand

Meanwhile, the company disagreed with the prosecutor regarding criminal liability in the Zogg Fire. Instead, the company argues that the grid operator of California had resolved the affected county’s civil claims. 

The company, in its statement, said, “We do not…agree with the District Attorney’s conclusion that criminal charges are warranted given the facts of this case.” Additionally, the company also added that the devastation and loss of life caused by the Zogg Fire back in the year are “heart-breaking.”  PG&E Corporation has already resolved Shasta County’s civil claims, while it continues to reach claim settlements with the families of victims and individual victims themselves. 

Patti Poppe, the company’s CEO, said that the company is making all possible efforts to make things right for the affected, trying to make it safer for the communities. 

Background of the Zogg Fire

The fire erupted in Shasta County on September 27, 2020, around 200 miles north of San Francisco. The fire consumed over 56,000 acres of land, causing severe damage to the wildlife and killing four people. 

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