Phunware Inc (NASDAQ: PHUN) Speaks About The Ten Million Phuntoken Sweepstakes

Phunware Inc (NASDAQ: PHUN) is pleased to speak more elaborately about its Ten Million PhunToken Sweepstakes. The other interesting thing the company talks about is its PhunWallet on iOS on Apple App Store. Users wanting to experience the new and exciting development can do so on Android on Google Play.

There is much to gain among the winning participants

Phunware Inc speaks out on the length of time the TenMillion PhunToken Sweepstakes will be ongoing. It hopes that it will progress towards the end of July, and it calls upon interested parties to grasp the opportunity. 

The company says that the participants will enjoy a  rare opportunity to earn the daily entries they require. Each of the participants will be hoping to win.  But that means that they will have to interact with the content inside of the PhunWallet app.

The selection process happens to be rather elaborate, with the hope of about ten winners getting rewarded with almost one million PhunToken each. 

Knitowski’s perspective

The CEO and Co-Founder of Phunware, Alan S. Knitowski, opines, “Everyone loves to buy, but not everyone loves being sold, especially without their consent. With PhunWallet and our dual token economy, we hope to give brands and consumers an innovative new platform to connect that gives each stakeholder more control over their data and compensates consumers fairly for their participation.”

PhunWallet happens to be a mobile application and a cryptocurrency wallet with the capacity to support blockchain-enabled data exchange. The other thing happens to be the mobile loyalty ecosystem, but that must be supported by both the PhunToken and the   PhunCoin, respectively.

 PhunCoin happens to be a store of value that is regulated quite elaborately. It operates in such a way that provides compensation to users for the data that they provide. PhunToken, on the other hand, serves as a medium of exchange that triggers profitable behavior. 

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