Precigen Inc (NASDAQ: PGEN) Applauds The Phase 1b/2a Positive Results

The stock of Precigen Inc (NASDAQ: PGEN) rose to $7.33.This company has joined hands with its partner Precigen ActoBio to unveil details about the primary analysis in the Phase 1b/2a study. The results point out the possibility of the AG019 becoming an outstanding monotherapy to help patients struggling with  T1D. However, the substance must be combined with teplizumab to achieve the most desirable outcomes.

New hope for persons struggling with TID

T1D happens to be a severe autoimmune disease that triggers the human immune system to act on the pancreas and destroy the various insulin-producing beta cells. It is a severe condition that could spark glucose imbalance within the human body system.

It has been a devastating struggle for persons struggling with the condition, considering that they haven’t been able to access any approved treatment. The only refuge for the patients has been a temporal one, making a few lifestyle modifications. Such persons have also turned to diets incorporating exogenous insulin. 

The formulation of AG019 is such that it effectively acts upon the gastrointestinal tissues’ mucosal lining upon the secretion of cytokine human interleukin-10 (hIL-10)  and Lactococcus lactis.

The administration of the substance is such that it can induce some particular regulatory T cells (Tregs), and the outcome happens to be the elimination of the reduction of the insulin-producing cells. In other words, it is possible to either improve or stabilize the production of insulin. It is such regulation that continues inspiring hope among the struggling individuals.

Thoughts from top leaders 

The Professor of Immunobiology at Yale University, Kevan Herold, has been playing a lead role in the AG019 Phase 1b/2a clinical study, and he has spoken about the latest developments. The leader is excited to learn that AG019 can be administered safely when combined with teplizumab and monotherapy. He refers to the findings as a major milestone and inspires great hope among people struggling with the deadly TID. 

The CEO of Precigen ActoBio, Pieter Rottiers, is also impressed by the latest findings. He outlines that the Phase 1b/2a primary analysis opens up a new chapter for persons struggling with TID. He adds that the AG019 will serve as an easy ingestion monotherapy.

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