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QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) Decides To implement Techniques That Eliminates Redundant Information Processing And Produce Smaller And Economical Chips For Visual AI

QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ:QCOM) developed new techniques that eliminate redundant frames in video processing and process only different frames. It allows the company to manufacture economical and smaller chips for AI solutions to process images captured from photosensors and cameras. The miniature devices require less power for operation and support solutions for applications in smart cities, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and security.

Lesser heat from less power-hungry chips

Qualcomm manufactured smaller chips that require less power to run release less heat. Therefore, smaller chips can be fitted in cameras without the need for external processing components. Another benefit offered by the Qualcomm effort will be to reduce the requirement for complex processing at the edge or in the cloud. Therefore, lesser data is transferred to the cloud for processing. It is economical and facilitates faster analysis of data. The companies can enjoy improved security and privacy because of less sharing of vital data. Other companies engaged in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based video systems include Nvidia and Intel.

Google experiments with AI-based solutions

Microsoft and Google are other major companies engaged in providing mobile systems. They use a unique algorithm in their solutions to achieve the objectives. However, the systems developed by Nvidia for visual processing tasks may not be effective. Qualcomm is at an advantage because it gained insight from mobile processing solutions in developing and manufacturing low power processing solutions.

Qualcomm aims to manufacture devices that are economical and requires less power for use at a higher scale in various applications. It will ensure high-quality AI solutions for edge computing and other important applications.

Qualcomm introduces new chip for home internet

Qualcomm unveiled a new chip – X65 modem that allows connectivity to networks based on 5G. The company aims to tap the market for home internet use with these new chips and rival to WiFi.

Qualcomm, which is based in San Diego, is the largest provider of modem chips that facilitate connectivity between consumer electronics and smartphones to cellular networks. The users can achieve download speeds of up to 10 GBPS using 4th generation 5G modem. It is 10 times faster compared to LTE networks. Qualcomm targets industrial and commercial applications with this new chip.

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