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Qurate Retail Inc Series A (NASDAQ: QRTEA), Which Has QVC® And HSN® Under Its Umbrella Is Set To Launch Streaming Service On Comcast’s Xfinity X1 And Xfinity Flex

Qurate Retail Inc Series A (NASDAQ: QRTEA), which has QVC® and HSN® under its ambit, has announced the launch of the streaming service on Comcast. Quality Value Convenience QVC® and Home Shopping Network HSN® are ranked as the world leaders in multiplatform video commerce have recently launched the QVC® and HSN® Streaming Service on Comcast’s X1 and Xfinity Flex. The ambitious launch is the first of its first video shopping app to launch on either platform.

Streaming service shoppable by early 2022

With the launch, viewers can educate themselves about many products besides gaining access to and viewing original content on the app. Additionally, both QVC® and HSN® have announced their plans of making their respective streaming services shoppable by early 2022. By doing so, viewers will be entitled to log in to their accounts and make purchases. 

Customers will be able to take advantage of many-a-services

Thanks to the streaming services courtesy QVC® and HSN®, X1 and Flex customers will be able to take advantage of six linear channels including the QVC® and HSN® at launch and QVC2, QVC3, QVC, and HSN2 sometime in the future. Besides this, customers will also have access to an extensive catalog of video-on-demand and original programming designed specifically for streaming, with QVC® ‘Mally Makes It Better’ featuring make-up maven Mally Roncal, among others. 

“Our QVC and HSN Streaming Service is our ost convenient, robust livestream shopping experience, with virtually all of our programming in one package that’s easy to peruse to discover great finds,” said David Apostolico, SVP Platform Strategy, Development & Distribution for Qurate Retail Group. “This launch brings our streaming service to Comcast’s entertainment platforms, including their newest offering, Flex. We already have many fans on X1 and Flex via our linear channels, and we can now offer them new content and welcome new viewers as we continue to meet our customers whenever, wherever and however they want to access video.”

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