ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) Announces An Increase In Lap-Band® Utilization

ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) believes in Lap-Band surgery’s effectiveness when helping patients meet their weight loss goals. It believes the Lap-Band surgery pulls along with pretty minimal complications compared to the rest of the weight loss procedures available. It announces a significant increase in the Band® utilization, a phenomenon observed since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Patients have long sought to find sustainable weight loss procedures which are also cost-effective. The company strives to help them reach their goals. 

Why it is a good idea for patients to choose a Lap-Band 

Patients can trust the Lap-Band, and that is because it has been clinically proven to be one of the most outstanding and safest bariatric procedures available in the markets. ReShape Lifesciences Inc considers the over 20 years of data that backs up the Lap-Band to be something patients need to consider in their search for working solutions. The data in question depicts the Lap-Band as demonstrating low mortality rates and complications compared to the rest of the weight-loss procedures. 

The other reason why patients need to trust the Lap-Band has to do with it being the only weight-loss device approved by the FDA. 

Ren-Fielding perspective

The Director of the NYU Langone Weight Management Center, Christine Ren-Fielding, opines, “Lap-Band is a valid first-line intervention for a lifelong chronic condition because it is safe, effective and reversible. The Lap-Band is also unique in that it can be adjusted, making it an interactive device through life conditions that can include a woman’s course of pregnancy.”

Ren-Fielding considers Lap-Band surgery to be a somewhat attractive approach for patients. The leader cites the procedure’s markedly lower complication rate when drawn into close comparison to the other weight loss means.

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