ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) Arrives into Security Exercise Deal for $46.2 Million in Gross Proceeds

ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) announced today that it has arrived at a security exercise contract with currently qualified stakeholders to exercise definite unresolved warrants to obtain up to a collective of 7.9 million shares of the company’s common stock.

Exercising owners obtained new unregistered certifications to acquisition up to a collective of 5.9 million shares

Regarding the instant exercise of the current warrants for cash, the exercising owners obtained new unregistered warrants to acquisition up to an amassed of 5.9 million shares of the company’s common stock.

The investors paid a cash acquisition price for the novel warrants equivalent to $0.09375 per share of common stock underlying the new warrants. In link with the exercise, the company also settled to decrease the exercise price of certain current warrants to $6.00, equal to the latest concluding price of the company’s common stock on The NASDAQ Capital Market before implementing the exercise warrant exercise contract.

The new warrants are exercisable instantly upon issuance at an exercise price of $6.00 per share and have a period of exercise equal to five years. The company settled to file a resale recordkeeping statement on Form S-3 within 30 days with deference to the new warrants and the shares of common stock issuable upon exercise of the new warrants.

The gross earnings to the company from the exercise of the current warrants was about $46.2 million before subtracting assignment agent fees and assessed offering expenditures.

MoSys Inc. (NASDAQ: MOSY) announces that APS Networks® has selected to embrace MoSys® silicon to upsurge performance

MoSys Inc. (NASDAQ: MOSY) announced that APS Networks® had selected MoSys® silicon to upsurge performance to its freshly presented Advanced Programmable Switches intended at refining broadband clients’ complete Internet familiarity.

APS Networks has intended in manifold third-generation MoSysBlazar Accelerator Engines per scheme for its new controls based on the subsequent:

The requirement to take full advantage of subscriber counts

MoSys silicon is up to 8X volume of QDR retentions in a solitary chip

Need to upsurge per-subscriber presentation.

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