ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) Finalizes $46 Million Capital Raise With Significant Established Stockholders

ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) delivered added information about its beforehand announced security exercise contract with prevailing qualified depositors for approximately $46 million in gross proceeds. In addition, the company is presently fastened by the Lap-Band® System with over 1,000,000 universal employments and the company’s lately launched reshapecare™ virtual health program, both compensated through major cover transferors.

Funding offers for the hastening of its internal development policy

ReShape plans to use the earnings from the deal to enlarge patient direct marketing doings spread their internal product channel and general business purposes. Furthermore, the company will reimburse the unresolved main and accumulated interest under its protected credit arrangement dated March 25, 2020.

“We are exceedingly heartened by the push we have reached thus far in 2021 through our latest entry on The NASDAQ Capital Market, union with Obalon and this authorizing capital investment. Our planned execution has afforded us the opening to grow our monetary discernibility, remove debt outcropping and enhance our aptitude to emphasis on key growth urgencies. With this strengthened monetary location and an extended collection of advanced weight loss yields and services, we look forward to the second half of 2021 being a justly transformative period for ReShape,” said Bart Bandy, President and Chief Executive Officer of ReShape LifeSciences.

Streamline Health Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: STRM) Signs New Contract with Large Midwestern Health System

Streamline Health Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: STRM) today announced it had signed a 2,367-bed Epic EMR-based health system helping the Midwest. The health system shall use eValuator’s cloud-based automatic pre- and post-bill coding scrutiny skills to help advance income honesty and financial presentation from inpatient and outpatient facilities.

Streamline Health is piloting an industry drive to enable every infirmary to use pre-bill skills to advance economic performance. With eValuator, suppliers classify and tackle coding matters before subsidizing income seepage, repudiated entitlements, and non-compliance experience. 

The company combines this new skill with skilled appraising services to transport a comprehensive Income Honesty Program to its clients. In addition, the eValuator package helps users enhance coding and documentation correctness for every patient meeting before billing, considerably refining current financial performance while also helping in the changeover to new payment mockups.

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