ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) Launches ReShape Marketplace

ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS), a weight loss solution company, announced the launch of ReShape Marketplace (online platform), offering customers products into four different Wellness dimensions – Exercise, Stress, Nutrition, and Sleep.

Online platform easy access for a customer: ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) launch its online platform ReShape Marketplace to provide services and products offering weight loss across any physician-prescribed therapy. ReShape Marketplace gives consumers easy access to a collection of competitively priced and practical wellness products in the crucial dimension wellness area, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress. In addition, the platform helps the users to a tool and support them in their weight loss journey and provide its services to those seeking health and wellness transformation. 

The company continues to show its commitment to the physician-led weight-loss market and establishing ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) as the crucial supplier of wellness products and services, which is expected to support individuals’ focus on their health and wellness goals.

Products for all consumers to achieve their health goal: ReShape Marketplace’s online platform offers curated products that make user life easier by making small changes expected to benefit significantly. The offering includes control guides, foam rollers, essential oils, to name a few. All products are available for purchase on the ReShape Marketplace website. The recently launched ReShape Marketplace is an online collection of high-quality wellness products suitable for all consumers to help them achieve their health goals. As per the company, its product enables a sharp reduction in weight loss in obese and morbidly obese patients without changing patient anatomy, which is a positive sign. In addition to the offerings, the company also provides a virtual weight-management program (reshape care) that supports changes in lifestyle for weight-loss patients led by certified health coaches to help the customers keep the weight off over time.

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