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Resonant Inc (NASDAQ:RESN) Strikes License Deal With Chinese Firm Targeting RFFE Market

Resonant Inc (NASDAQ:RESN) announced about two weeks ago that it struck a license deal whose key objective is a quadplexer design to tap into more growth in the RFFE market.

The company is one of the leading firms in radio frequency (RF), and the new deal comes as a new customer venture into the RF front-end (RFFE) market. The mobile market is currently shifting towards 5G, and this has resulted in more complex filter designs.

Companies must keep up with the rapidly changing landscape if they wish to remain competitive in the market. Resonant makes it possible for its customers to enter the market rapidly. It does this by offering its fabless model, ISN platform and a variety of other products.

Signing a new, significant customer, with a background in high-performance manufacturing of optoelectronic products, for a high-performance quadplexer design achieves multiple goals,” stated Resonant CEO, George B. Holmes.

The Resonant CEO also acknowledged his company’s foundry partners and ISN design software platform for playing a vital role in shortening the time to market. They, in turn, contributed to attracting the Chinese Optoelectronics firm as a new client. Holmes also revealed that the company has continued to expand its markets through its second library-based contract.

The company is developing a product that will allow its customers to enter the market using proven designs quickly. Additionally, these designs will help them reduce the time that it takes to market. Holmes also revealed that the quadplexer design contract and the year-over-year unit volumes highlight the growing demand for Resonant’s designs.

The company’s royalty revenues tripled in 2018 compared to the royalty revenue in 2017. This growth is the result of more demand for designs made using ISN IP and software platform. Holmes also noted that the company is excited about upcoming opportunities in 2019.

Resonant kicks off 2019 on a high note

It looks like Resonant has started 2019 on a positive and optimistic note following an announcement that clients have accepted more than 20 of its devices. The announcement confirms that the firm has achieved its expectations. Some of the devices recently accepted by customers include the firm’s first 5G device.

Stock performance

The resonant stock closed Thursday’s trading session at $1.44 and the performance over the past five days has been bullish. The stock’s current 52-week high is $7.99 while its 52-week low is $0.92 which means that the stock price is currently leaning towards the lower side.


The company’s stock dropped by -72.41% over the past six months and by -60.52% over the past 12 months. This means that the stock has tanked by a significant amount. The stock registered 20.14% volatility in the past one week and 14.17% volatility over the past four weeks. However, the stock seems to be gaining momentum as seen in the first week of trading in 2019. However, it is not clear whether Resonant’s stock will continue with the same momentum.

About Resonant Inc

Resonant is a firm that focuses on radio frequency front end designs and how they are fitted into wireless devices and mobile phones. The company has become a global leader in its particular field. It is determined to influence and disrupt the RFFE supply chain by taking advantage of Infinite Synthesized Network (ISN) software tools to deliver solutions.

The company addresses some critical issues by offering constantly improving efficiency, lower unit costs and less time to market. Its customers can take advantage of the firm’s disruptive capabilities in module and filter designs as well as leveraging Resonant’s diverse supply chain.

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