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Sabre Changes UK Leadership As Their Technologies Revolutionize China Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle

Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ:SABR) has announced that China Airlines is adopting the Sabre AirCentre Movement Manager technology in their flight operations. This development comes after Norwegian Air shuttle equally embraced the technology in marketing their choice and control offers for their travelers. The technology provider has equally announced the appointment of Richard Addey for the UK, Ireland as well as Benelux markets.

Appointment of Richard Addey

In a move that is aimed at driving the growth of their business in the UK, Ireland, and Benelux, Sabre appointed Richard Addey to lead in increasing their footprint in this region. Richard is expected to oversee the sales strategies of the company in the region as well as managing their accounts.

Antonella Vecchio, the sales strategist of Western Europe, said that Mr. Richard is a resilient commercial leader with sufficient technological expertise who will work closely travel agency customers to ensure that the company consolidates its position in the region.

Following the appointment, Richard acknowledged the dynamism of the UK, Ireland, and Benelux region and how such fast regions have been changing I terms of travel agency leverage. He adds that Sabre’s latest technologies are going to change the travel industry by helping agencies to respond quickly to sector demands as well as offer better services to customers. He indicated that he was looking forward towards an exciting experience in the region as they continue to build Sabre’s reputation with their innovative technologies.

China airlines adopting Sabre’s Movement Manager Technology

The Taiwan flag carrier has implemented the technology as a way of increasing their productivity as well as their efficiency. According to Perry Chou, China Airlines system operations control Vice president, the migration to Sabre’s Movement managers was done successfully by the project teams, and it was carried in an efficient and timely way without disrupting airline services. He added that the move is vital in their business growth because the technology will give controller autonomy on flight status thus increasing network efficiency.

With growing air travel demand, China airlines have been working towards enhancing customer satisfaction, and the implementation of the Movement Manager technology will move them a step closer towards achieving that. They expect to have minimal flight disruptions as well as enhance their response to flight anomalies which in the long run will save them operational costs as well as improve staff productivity.

Sabre merchandising helping Norwegian Air Shuttle in marketing

Norwegian Air shuttle is enhancing passenger choice and control of offers through the use of Sabre’s merchandising technology. It is the goal of every business to give their customers a fulfilling ex[prince and Norwegian Air Shuttle is doing just that to their passenger by offering exclusive fare ranges as well as support. The Air shuttle implemented the Sabre technology to enable travel agents to have an excellent experience where they can easily access, make a comparison and sell Norwegian products such as pets, bags and travel services whenever they are booking.

According to Alessandro Caincimino, the Sabre supplier commerce vice president, the Norwegian Air shuttle has an opportunity to increase total ancillary revenue by adding the extras to the booking channels through their technology. The offering of the ancillary services to travelers is a way of product differentiation which will give passengers control over their fares relative to competitors.

Lars Sande, the sales and distribution SVP at Norwegian, indicates that implementation of the technology was guided by the need to have more components to the ticket so that it can attract more customers. This will help in satisfying customer needs for an improved personal experience while at the same time take full advantage to get maximum revenue for each ticket.

Sabre Stock Movement

SABR stock price has been on an increase and the trend is expected to continue. The current quote is $21.62 with day’s high of $21.63 and a low of $20.82. They have a market cap of $5.98 billion with a share volume of 1.7 million.

They had a 52-week range of $17.79-$26.79 for the last fiscal year and the stock will continue to grow. Investing in SABR looks profitable for someone thinking long term as the stock earning are likely to grow by 25.26%

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