Sabre Corp (NASDAQ: SABR) Helps Transform Many Global Travel Industry Players Through Digital Innovation And Virtual Implementation

Sabre Corp (NASDAQ: SABR) was at the forefront to identify the need for digital innovation and quick adaptation, almost overnight, forced by the COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions. A survey by McKinsey found that the rate of adoption of digital technologies increased drastically in response to COVID-19. As a result, working remotely became new-normal across many industries, including the global travel industry. Sabre took quick decisions and actions to deploy technology and resources for transformation to digital-only onboarding, ensuring a quick, simple, and efficient experience for customers, from airlines to agencies, and even agents and sub-agents. As a result, the company gets to work with many leading industry players, including Gulf Air, Vietnam Airlines, Japan Airlines, Royal Travel, and BIDTravel, amongst others.

Sabre’s innovative technologies

Sabre was able to deliver successful implementations amid the pandemic situation through agility, adaptability, and innovation. Leading airline carriers like Gulf Air, ASKY, Croatia Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines migrated to the company’s leading revenue optimization solution, Sabre Revenue Optimizer, via remote delivery. Sabre also accomplished remote migration for Japan Airlines to Sabre Crew Manager, an innovative solution to manage total crew cost with optimal productivity.

On the travel agencies front, BIDTravel, a leading business and leisure travel network in Southern Africa, achieved a project completion, with on-time implementation support by Sabre, in just three months that could have typically taken 9 12 months. Sabre’s technology helped BIDTravel rebuild customer confidence while offering them differentiated travel experiences. A leading travel company in the U.K., Royal Travel signed a multi-year contract with Sabre to implement the company’s intelligent GDS platform, Sabre Red 360. It allowed the agency to harness more data, content, and flexibility to manage operations and workflow optimization, differentiated customer offering to deliver a more personalized experience.

Executives’ experiences with Sabre’s technologies

Chief Information Officer at BIDTravel, Herby Seedat, noted that Sabre’s digital transformation solutions helped their team operate in 18 countries remotely and meet an accelerated project delivery timeline. Director of Royal Travel, Waseem Majid, expressed that Sabre’s innovative solutions helped them respond to the emerging market demands and offer personalized travel packages to each customer. Sabre is embracing the current circumstances as a catalyst to innovate and move forward in collaboration with our customers.

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