Sabre Corp (NASDAQ: SABR) Polani Travel Extends Relationship

Sabre Corp (NASDAQ: SABR) has signed a multi-year agreement with PTG (Polani Travel Group), a leading travel company in the U.K.

Sabre’s technology to support PTG’s growth plan: As per the new agreement, Polani Travel Group will use Sabre’s technology and platform to support PTG’s growth plan and future work. Polani has an ambitious target and is looking to expand its footprints into new markets. In addition to their growth in the Indian subcontinent market. So to enhance and support their strategy, the company entered into a multi-year agreement with Sabre Corp, which will provide or help the company from a technology perspective. In addition to the investment in innovative technology, the Sabre platform is expected to help Polani Travel Group serve its customers with more options and efficiency.

Sabre technology automates manual operational tasks: As per the press release, the wide range of services that Sabre will provide through its intelligent platform. The company will also help PTC to optimize the distributor’s efficacy and work process through its automation hub and virtual payment. It is said that Sabre’s virtual payment platform is one of the most flexible payment options in the hospitality (Travel) industry.

Polani Travel Group is one of the leading players in the VFR (Visiting Friends and Relations) market and has now been operated by the third generation. The company has steadily grown over the years and marked its presence in the travel industry. PTG’s unique offering supplements its growth and has seen from its performance over the past year. Now, with this multi-year agreement with Sabre, the company has further strengthened its offerings. PTG’s growth strategy has been supported by Sabre’s technology and streamlining its B2B model for better efficiency gains. Sabre stated they would continue to support the Polani Travel Group’s ambitious growth plan and its journey to come and strengthen the relationship between both the companies further.

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