Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR) To Support Curator Hotel & Resort Collection Growth

Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR) and Curator Hotel & Resort Collection entered into a new agreement to smoothly access or contract with Sabre’s hospitality retailing solutions.

Will agreement increase revenue: The new agreement gives access to Curator Hotel & Resort Collection gives access to Sabre’s distribution and retailing solutions (currently provides services to nearly 42,000 hotels, chains, and resorts, presence across around 200 countries). The agreement will help the Curator give an innovative experience to the guest and provide deeper customer engagement. In addition, it will also help the hotel to boost their loyalty, and there is a high possibility that the agreement can be led to higher revenue and increase profitability.

The agreement will provide all the guests with a reservation platform, which is otherwise difficult for the standalone/individual hotel to build. With Sabre, Curator members will have direct access to Sabre’s Central Reservation Solution, which has a connection to almost 900,000 travel agents and few hundred online channels globally. This solution will help the guest to book their reservation seamlessly.

Hospitality industry witnessing traction: With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, guest/traveler confidence is overgrowing. Moreover, with the pent-up demand due to the pandemic last year, the industry has started witnessing traction in the last couple of months. With the increasing demand, the Curator Hotel & Resort Collection, with the help of Sabre’s solution, is expected to capitalize on this opportunity and will be able to differentiate them from the other industry operating in the market. 

The agreement with Sabre’s will help the hotel reach their customers/members most effectively and efficiently convert the inquiry into business. At the same time, it offers the members with a personalized experience.

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