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Safe-T (NASDAQ:SFET) Gets Software Defined Access Solutions Order From A Food And Beverage Company Based In Israel

Safe-T (NASDAQ:SFET) has indicated that an Israel beverage firm has given an order to one of their system integrators which have seen them surge by 49% in pre-market trading.

Details of the system ordered

The system that was ordered by the beverage company is an extension of the current system that they use. The current system integrates both of the company’s SDA and SDE solutions that have been in use for securing information in various ways.

The methods of securing information include granting permission to external and internal users to access applications through the SDA solution. The orders of the Israel Beverage firm include user licenses for its user and also the inclusion of subscription for permanent licenses for annual maintenance.

What will the solutions do for the beverage company?

Speaking about the Israel beverage company’s order, Safe-T CEO, Shahar Daniel indicated that integrated system order for the beverage company was a strategic one for the company. The two companies have had a long-standing working relationship, and the order indicates the confidence that the beverage company has on the technological solutions offered by SFET.

The decision to use Safe-T innovative solutions is expected to protect the beverage company’s systems profoundly. Mr. Shahar indicated that their SDA technology the capability to significantly reduce any possible exposure of the company to attack while at the same time making accessibility of its internal applications remotely possible.

Design of Safe-T’s SDA solution

The design of SFE-T’s SDA solution has been enhanced to offer organizations the potential of end-to-end protection for data in their systems. The system works by exclusively controlling data usage and access by either customers or the employees who provide authentication.

The system is built on the Safe-T’s reverse access technology that is patented by SFET and securely protected from any attack. The SDA technology reduces room for an attack on the organization by having exclusive control and monitoring of the whole process of accessing applications as well as granting permission to the applications.

The SDA solution will provide customers who are external collaborating partners of the company access to internal applications of the organization. It will also give employees corporate access whereby they will authenticate users using their credentials as provided by the SDA technology solution.  The verification of the user’s authorizations will be through the company’s authentication system that has control of credentials.

The Safe-T technology makes it possible for the company to get an identity and have control over how the users can access the applications. Equally the SDA solution has a potential of restricting the access to specific services and applications which the customer will have control over without the need of installing any additional software on the remote machine of the user.

Customers are similarly expected to easily navigate through the system to enable them to publish an application or service of their choice without the need to open any port. This will allow for the bidirectional flow of traffic through the outbound networks.

SFET stock movement

The stock price has instead been static with a stock price low of $2.91 while at the same time recording a high of $3.25. However, the stock heir stock is currently offering at $3.20 with an average volume of 435,856.


They had a 52-week range of between $2.40 and $15.00 with a market capitalization of $4,069. Although the stock prices tend to be dynamic, the changes are minimal, and there is a difference of 7.74% which reflects a change of $0.23 in stock price between the daily low and high.

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