Technology Stocks, inc (NYSE: CRM) Introduces An Employee Up-Skilling Program For Businesses, inc (NYSE: CRM) wants to up-skill workers and rely on the Salesforce Learning paths to reach its goal. The company intends to make the learning program readily available and also free to all the targeted persons. Workplace learning plays a crucial role in empowering both the employers and the employees, enabling them to become successful. 

The Covid-19 outbreak remains to be a stumbling block in workplace learning. It has become difficult for employees to access learning materials to enable them to enhance their skills. The company recently financed a survey, and its findings show how a significant portion of employees can’t access the learning opportunities. About 59% of the employees admitted that it had become a major challenge to up-skill since the pandemic struck. 

The program’s benefits

The company exudes confidence in its latest strategy, outlining that it will play a huge role in closing the existing learning gap. Its strategy provides an opportunity for employees to combine work with learning and yet experience the best outcomes. These employees will take advantage of MyTrailhead, Trailhead, and guides. The employees will also learn from articles, quizzes, and videos. 

The company’s new resource operates as a Learning Home. Employees can check out the various assignments, view their progress, and discover new areas of learning. Managers and business leaders also stare at a massive opportunity that will help them contribute towards empowering the employees. The platform will enable them to customize content to suit the team, an individual or make changes that favor the entire organization.

The effectiveness of the workplace learning

The working place learning is more effective than the siloed kind of training, according to statistics. About 80% of workers prefer workplace learning because they get to retain more knowledge than is the case with siloed learning.

Salesforce Learning Paths makes workers more productive. They also become more engaged, and there is a greater likelihood that they will stay in their jobs longer.  United Utilities and Elekta happen to be the first ones to adopt the Salesforce Learning Paths in its earliest stages. Salesforce reveals the large number already relying on Trailhead resources, placing the figure at about 3 million. 

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