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Salesforce Unveils Industry-Specific Clouds For Communication, Media, Utilities, and Public Sector Amid Acquisition Of Vlocity Inc. (NYSE:CRM) is leveraging the growing demand in customers experiencing a digital transformation with the adoption of cloud-based solutions. The company focuses on introducing products tailored to customer needs with the launch of four clouds for media, communication, public sector, and utility following the acquisition of Vlocity.

Salesforce leveraging digital transformation

The company’s industry clouds are built on past efforts in verticals like healthcare and financial services. In recent times software-as-a-service providers have targeted verticals, and the likes of ServiceNow have enhanced industry-specific services for financial services and telecom providers. The company also combined its Salesforce Customer 360 platform with Vlocity’s technology to offer new industry clouds having purpose-built apps and industry-specific data models.

Salesforce’s management is upbeat that the adoption of digital systems will reinforce its strategic relationships. A key driver will be the ability of the company to offer integrated solutions to business problems. Salesforce’s products, such as myTrailhead and Trailhead, help companies transform processes and enhance business scale with the latest technology. With enterprises advancing their digital transformation processes, cloud services are increasingly becoming more important and could surge going forward. Digital transformation is expected to open a massive growth opportunity in the industry.

Salesforce launches four industry-specific clouds

The media cloud provides media-specific data models and process guides and tools to launch subscription bundles and customized capabilities and monetization tools. Also, the Communications Cloud offers pre-built sector processes with product models for providers. The company has designed the communication cloud to provide insights into promotions, service delivery, and offers.

On the other hand, the Public Cloud solution has been designed for the agency and government officers, and it comes with tools for quick issuing of the permit in a remote work setting. The solution also includes licensing tracking and inspection permits tools. Interestingly the Utility Cloud focuses on bridging customer data from legacy billing systems, offering one dimension view of customers with services and sales operations. The cloud also has self-service and mobile tools and also offers personalized services.

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