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Scalyr Hires Former Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) and Brocade Executive as New CEO

The San Mateo startup Scalyr Inc. announced a new phase of their growth by hiring former Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) Senior Vice President as well as Executive Vice President at Brocade, Christine Heckart as the company’s new CEO.

It’s Down to Division of Labour

Heckart will take the reins from Steve Newman who is the founding CEO as well as former chief engineer and Writely founder with his technology acquired and became Google Docs. On hiring Heckart, Newman said that the decision was merely an upgrade.

Scalyr Inc. is log Management Company that has created a tool they believe is faster than anything that their competitors offer. Last they more than doubled their revenue as well as the workforce whereby they added Cisco, Vanderbilt University, Pato Alto Unified School District, and World pay to almost 300 paying customers. This year with the change in the ranks, they seem to be on pace to replicate or even surpass their previous targets.

According to Newman, for the last seven years, he has been in the company, it has been a privilege for him and has helped him grow as an individual but believes Scalyr is increasing even faster and thinks a new CEO is a way to go forward. He says he needed a partner who will focus on scaling the business’s commercial side while he concentrates on technology as well as product vision.

Scalyr Inc. Taking the Right Direction

The company offers fully-managed SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform which provides log management to various enterprises. The fact that they have hired Heckart, who is full of experience having been in Cisco as SVP and at Brocade as EVP, is a clear indication that they have the right leader in place going forward also with Newman taking the role of chairman of the company.

The new CEO will be tasked with hiring more people to keep Scalyr growing, and she said the goals for this year are ambitious and the only way of achieving them is by expanding the team. Heckart like every other new CEO is very positive and looking forward to making Scalyr even better. Nevertheless, it’s only time that will judge her success.

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