Schall Law Firm Announced That They Were Filing A Class Action Suit Against RLX Technology

Schall law offices, a shareholder rights litigation firm, announced that they brought a class action suit against RLX Technology (NYSE: RLX) for federal securities law violations. As a result, investors who bought shares of the company pursuant and/or can be traced to RLX Technology January 22 IPO are encouraged to communicate with the firm by August 9.

The firm also encouraged interested parties to communicate with Brian Schall to talk about their rights. This consultation will be free of charge.

In this case, the class hasn’t yet been certified, and until that happens, you aren’t represented by a lawyer. If you intend on not taking action, you can stay an absent class member.

As far as the Complaint is concerned, the company made misleading and false statements to the market. The company omitted and misstated facts related to the exposure it had with the campaigns of the Chinese government to come up with an e-cigarettes national standard. The company’s financials weren’t as strong as what was purported in the offering documents and didn’t really show how it would perform in the future. Investors suffered a lot of damage once the market found out the truth.

If you want to recover your losses, you can join the case.

About Schall Law Firm

This Law Firm represents investors all across the globe, and they specialize in shareholder rights litigation and securities class action lawsuits. The press release they gave out can be taken, in some jurisdictions, as Attorney Advertising under the rules of ethics and applicable law. The firm is located in 2059 Century Park East, Los Angeles, California.
The firm was founded by Brian Schall, an experienced attorney who has spent many years litigating in the securities class action recoveries sector. He once worked in the federal court under Honorable Patrick Walsh, where he started his career.

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