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Sirius XM Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: SIRI)’s New SXM-8 Satellite Completes In-Orbit Testing and Now Ready for Service

The large high-power broadcasting satellite SXM-8 built by Maxar and the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched the satellite into orbit on June 6, 2021, from Cape Canaveral, Florida, has completed in-orbit testing. Maxar Technologies Inc (NYSE: MAXR) and Sirius XM Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: SIRI) were announced on July 29, 2021, and handed over to SiriusXM. 

SXM-8 is the ninth large high-powered, digital audio radio satellite of SiriusXM, built by Maxar. Moreover, this satellite will replace SXM-3 and SXM-4 satellites. While SXM- 7 failed after the six weeks of its launch due to payload failure, SXM-8 is designed to provide over 15 years of service by Maxar’s 1300 class platform. SM-8 is more than 27 feet tall and weighed roughly 7,000 kg at launch. Besides, SXM-8 has a mesh, large, unfurlable antenna reflector of nearly 30 feet in diameter, and that will let SiriusXM programming reach its radios, comprising those in moving vehicles. 

Chris Johnson’s Statement

Chris Johnson, Maxar’s Vice President of Space Programs Delivery, said that they are proud of their long-standing relationship with SiriusXM and excited to witness SXM-8’s service to bring entertainment for millions of SiriusXM subscribers. Moreover, he adds that the whole Maxar team is committed to excellence, and playing a role in the success of their consumers’ mission drives them every day.  

Bridget Neville’s Statement

Bridget Neville, SiriusXM’s Senior Vice President of Satellite and Repeater Systems Engineering and Operations, said they are committed to advancing their satellite fleet and ability. It will aid in delivering the best audio experience, weather, traffic, data, and information services for years to come. Also, he congratulates their engineering team, Maxar, and SpaceX on a successful launch. 

SXM-8 will furnish reliable, continuous delivery of SiriusXM’s audio and information service to customers in the United States and expand the coverage area of SiriusXM in Canada and the Caribbean. SXM-8 also will expand the health of SiriusXM’s satellite fleet and its satellite-delivered services through at least 2036. Maxar aims to deliver disruptive value to consumers to assist them monitor and navigate their changing planet, deliver global broadband communications and enhance their use of space. SXM-8 will be crucial to their aims. 

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