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SiriusXM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI) Signs Broadcast Agreement With Megyn Kelly

SiriusXM Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: SIRI) has announced that the company has signed an exclusive agreement with veteran journalist, legal expert, and broadcaster Megyn Kelly to host a new show from September 7, 2021. “The Megyn Kelly Show” will broadcast during weekdays Triumph Channel 11. 

Kelly has an extensive global following 

Megyn Kelly is among the news industry’s well-known and successful journalists. Kelly is a global broadcaster with millions of devoted followers, and her current successful podcast has a significant and enthusiastic audience both in the US and worldwide. Interestingly her fans will now be able to listen to her on SiriusXM, the only site where they can hear her live and interact with her. As a result, SiriusXM’s mission to providing the greatest selection of politics and news programming will be bolstered by her unique voice.

Kelly’s thoughts on the day’s biggest stories, as well as listener calls and her characteristic groundbreaking interviews with leading political and cultural newsmakers, will be broadcast live five days a week. In addition, SiriusXM’s Triumph channel will be airing Kelly’s best-of shows from August 16.

Ways Americans consume news changing, and SiriusXM is evolving with them 

Kelly said, “I’m thrilled to be taking our program to the next level by broadcasting it live for SiriusXM’s massive audience. My team and I have been grateful to see our show, in less than a year, become one of the most successful podcasts in America — proving that there is a thirst for open, honest and more meaningful conversations about current events.”

She added that she couldn’t think of a better partner to expand her reach than a blue-chip brand such as SiriusXM.  Kelly said the company has been leading in predicting market trends and it is better positioned for the changing trends in which Americans are consuming news. 

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