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Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) Sells Adults Clothes Of Lego Brand

Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) closed the last trading session at $9.24 down 0.42%. The stock has been trending upwords, here is latest news on the company.

Snap entered into a pact with Lego to sell the adult clothing line via Snap chat. The brands in London are in a race to promote Lego’s limited edition clothing line of adults. The users can buy their favorite clothes on their smartphone via Snap chat from anywhere.  The buyers need to enter a snapcode to step into the virtual store and shop their favorite clothes via interactive arcade machine, LEGO bouncer, and DJ Booth.

Global Social Media Innovation Lead for Lego, Lea Sandell said the company is exploring a lot of options to engage the fans in a fun way by launching digital technologies and platforms. The company has introduced the adult clothing line in partnership with KARBOOKI. It allows shoppers to purchase clothes through an AR Shop. The company is exploring ways to bridge the digital and physical world.

Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Lego Wear by Karbooki, Birgitte Holgaard Langer said the company already experimented adult styles for LEGOLAND Parks in the past. The company unveiled a limited edition of the adult line to engage the streetwear audience.

Director (EMEA creative strategy) at Snap, Will Scougal said the snap code activated virtual store is accessible from across the world. Karbooki and Lego worked together with the free Lens Studio Software of Snap to create an AR retail experience for the users. The amalgamation of AR with Snap helps to drive sales apart from offering an exciting shopping experience.

Lego Street Wear

The Lego streetwear line comprises caps, T-shirts, Sweat Shirts. Each features Lego Logo on a muted palette of white, grey and black. Karbooki produces an adult clothing line with a license from Lego Group. Legowear for children is available through Karbooki. Children wear comprises outerwear, clothes, and accessories.

CFO of Snap resigns

The Chief Finance Officer of Snap resigned after joining in May 2018. The shares of Snap dropped by 7% following the news of CFO resignation. However,  his exit does not cause any impact on the company’s performance. Snap is a turn around story. The stock of Snap is likely to jump soon.

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