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Sonim Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: SONM) Collaborates with 4K Solutions® to Unveil a Leading Mobile Broadband Kit to Facilitate Communication Systems

Sonim Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: SONM) announced a new partnership with 4K Solutions, a company within the communications segment. They will unveil a cutting-edge MBK-Elite device that will work with the t Sonim XP8 ultra-rugged Android handset to achieve greater effectiveness in operations.

The design attributes

Sonim Technologies applauds the portability aspect of the device and its role in offering the needed support to the emergency and the safety teams in the field. It will be about the ensuring better connectivity and easy access in the most wanting mission circumstances. Using the tool is prey easy and doesn’t require elaborate training. 

The MBK-Elite happens to be an impressive piece of technology, considering its ease of use. In other words, one doesn’t need to get extensive training or have IT experience to use it. Sonim Technologies describes the MBK-Elite as a human-portable device that is pretty easy to deploy. It happens to be an ideal kit that pulls along with four Sonim XP8 handsets provisioned with a comprehensive set of software tools. The others include utilities and applications to facilitate the management and optimization of the mobile ecosystem for maximum productivity, safety, and support.

Reports show 4K Solutions as having over 5,000 mobile broadband kits, and all of them have been deployed globally. The other exciting aspect has to do with 4K Solutions’ success in forming partnerships with top-performing manufacturers of networking, cellular, routing, and switching technologies. Some common examples include CradlePoint, Cubic, Iridium, Kymeta, Airbus, Cobham, Tampa Microwave, Paradigm, Silvus Technologies, and Thales.

Graff speaks out

The CMO of Sonim Technologies, John Graff, applauds the partnership with 4K Solutions. He considers it to be a great move that will enable them to succeed in providing a complete critical communications solution that will suit the various customers’ needs.

He opines, “Combining Sonim’s expertise in rugged smartphones with 4K Solutions expertise with mobile broadband kits is a win-win for customers needing a rapid deployment solution for emergency response.”

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