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Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) Confirms Inclusion Of Streaming Apps In Next-Generation Console, PS5

Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) has confirmed that it has incorporated several entertainment apps in PS5, which is expected to launch on November 12. This is good news for gamers who will have more than just gaming in playing music or streaming movies.

Streaming apps included in PS5

The next-generation console will support entertainment apps such as Apple TV+, Disney+, Nextflix, Hulu, Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Twitch, MyCanal, and Spotify. Some of the apps, such as Spotify, will have an integrated experience on the console. This includes playing music in the background as one plays or even live streaming on Twitch.

However, HBO Max is missing from the list as it is currently in contract battles with Roku and Amazon regarding the inclusion of the streaming app on their sites. Interestingly Crunchyroll, which is an anime streaming service owned by the same company, will be available. According to the recent PS5 system, the menu reveals that the entertainment apps will have a space on the home screens. Gamers will no longer need to download entertainment apps through the PlayStation Store.

The creation of dedicated Media and Game spaces on the console will enhance users’ experiences. This will make it easy and faster to switch between entertainment and gaming whenever a gamer wants to. Most importantly, players can control music through the new Control Centre menu that appears over the gameplay when you press the PlayStation button.

PS5 remote with dedicated buttons for streaming apps

Also, Sony has indicated that four of the previously unmarked buttons on the PS5 Media Remote will now be serving as dedicated Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and YouTube launch buttons. The company will launch the remote alongside the console on November 12, but it is not part of the console. One can purchase the remote separately at $30 at Target as well as other retailers such as GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon, although they are currently sold out.

The standard edition will be going at $500, while the Digital Edition of the PS5 will cost $400.

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