Southwestern Energy Company (NYSE: SWN) Signs Contract to Verify, and Unceasingly Monitor Potential Discharges from All Appalachia Production

Southwestern Energy Company (NYSE: SWN) announced today that it effected a contract to acquire independent responsibly sourced gas (RSG) guarantee through Project Canary’s strict TrustWell™ values and incessant emissions observing through its Appalachia basin processes.

Southwestern to use Project Canary’s independent TrustWell™ examination platform

Under the terms of the agreement, Southwestern will use Project Canary’s independent TrustWell™ examination platform across its current and future unusual Appalachia wells. The contract enlarges SWN’s present association with Project Canary, which was initiated in 2017, and, when finished, will upsurge SWN’s verified gross creation to over 3Bcf per day.

The authorization procedure is set to initiate in July 2021, with considerably all documentations anticipated to be complete by early 2022. Project Canary will also commence the fitting of its Canary X unceasing releases observing devices on all SWN’s pad sites throughout the Appalachia basin.

“We are pleased to have been first-movers in ESG, including leading performance, discovery and limpidity. This embraces discharges performance leadership through demanding operating design standards and methane reduction ingenuities, returning more freshwater to the atmosphere than is used in our processes,” stated Bill Way, Southwestern Energy President, and Chief Executive Officer.

Its wells were first certified in 2017

Southwestern Energy certified its first wells in 2017 and has since finalized six separate RSG sales contracts. Southwestern has a recognized track record of ESG presentation, including reporting the lowermost GHG concentration among AXPC peers in the yearly EHS survey. It has achieved it, using a methane intensity that is 85% improved than the target set by ONE Future. It has reported five uninterrupted years of freshwater impartiality and returning over 14 billion gallons of fresh water to the surroundings.

Project Canary, a Denver-based B-Corp, is the foremost supplier of incessant discharges monitoring know-how and sensibly obtained natural gas documentation through its TrustWell™ functioning examination program. More than 600 only data points within 24 operating classifications, including 12 vibrant scores for unceasing improvement, are encompassed in TrustWell™ scrutiny. It makes it the market’s most challenging certification and continuing observing process. Operatives that receive top TrustWell™ classifications employ the highest standards and practices across their processes.

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