Spi Energy Co Ltd (NASDAQ: SPI) EdisonFuture Unveils Next-Generation Electrically Powered Pickup Lorry

Spi Energy Co Ltd (NASDAQ: SPI) wholly-owned subsidiary EdisonFuture, Inc. and Phoenix Motor Inc. have launched the next-generation electrically powered pickup lorry, EF1-T.

New truck developed in collaboration with Icona

The new lorry has been established in collaboration with Icona and principal automaker associates. This new launch is the first invention in a line of progressive all-electric pickup vans integrating EdisonFuture & Phoenix Motor’s apparition for upcoming human-centered transport and transform how clienteles and automobiles interact.

An epitome solution for service and commercial clients, the EF1-T e-pickup lorries use an exclusively calculated solar medley knowledge that delivers a spectacular visual autograph while also connecting the sun’s power to renew the batteries, allowing work vans to charge while in the arena unceasingly.

“Our conception for EdisionFuture and Phoenix Motorcars is to be front-runners in sustainable conveyance with center on drive capability and progressive enterprise,” stated Mr. Xiaofeng Peng, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of SPI Energy. 

Around 2.9 million pickup trucks were sold in the US in 2020, signifying approximately 20% of the US auto market. Bestowing on statistics from Cox Automotive, approximately 2-in-5 customers in the market for a pickup lorry over the next two years are bearing in mind an electric pickup lorry.

EdisonFuture, Inc. acquires the possessions of Shared Technologies, Inc.

Spi Energy has announced that its subsidiary EdisonFuture, Inc. has picked up the possessions of Shared Technologies, Inc, with the website, escalating the company’s contributions into the mounting electric scooter marketplace.

Founded in Seattle in 2019 as a scooter-sharing startup, RideZoomers spun to a direct-to-consumer and hardware business model in 2020 in the challenge of the COVID-19 epidemic. Its Zoomer scooter, a top, all-electric, long-range, bike-lane legal scooter with an eternal enterprise. This company is now cash flow affirmative and, on the path, of producing more income with rising business.

The electrically powered scooter market is projected to reach $644.5 billion internationally by 2028, increasing at a CAGR of 29.4%, bestowing a June 2021 report from Meticulous Research.

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