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Square Inc (NYSE:SQ) Cash App Blocks Account of Controversial Social Media Site Founder, Gab

For now, it seems like controversy and social media are linked closely, and of late it’s like one can’t survive in the absence of the other, catalyzed by the highly informed and enlightened era of today. For instance, it’s merely the other year that Facebook was in fire for “selling” user information to other companies. Now all the heat is being absorbed by another media platform, Gab.

Personal Account of Founder Blocked, It’s Gab… Again!

Square Inc (NYSE:SQ)‘s Cash App have blocked the personal account that belongs to the founder of the controversial social media site Gap which is according to Gap’s tweet.

Apparently, the move was reported after Gab revealed to have sent over 850,000 emails to its user base. Perhaps, that alone may not be a reason enough to block someone rather the content of the emails prompted the block.

The firm apparently, via the emails, promoted Bitcoin (BTC) and Cash App. Gab was introducing to users “free speech money: Bitcoin,” and as per the screenshot of the email, the firm described the alleged censorship measures taken against “influential alternative media personalities and companies.” Further, it also calls for users to use BTC as a “censorship-resistant free speech money and payment processing.”

But did this Debacle Start Somewhere?

There was a ban imposed on Gab’s corporate account on Coinbase and it merely a few days ago that it announced to start using Cash App for its transactions as well as receiving BTC donations. The ban from Coinbase was not the only one as, before that, Google app stores and Apple had reportedly banned Gab.

Gab was founded in 2016 and presents itself as a “free speech social media platform,” however, soon became a target for criticism and being labeled a “favored platform.” For instance, it was on the spotlight in 2018 after it was reported that the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting perpetrator, Gregory Robert Bowers, posted on their platform on the intent of harming.

Despite all the controversy, Gab went ahead to call itself as “the most censored website in history.” That one, however, is for anyone to judge.

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