Strengthening Leadership Position: AgriFORCE Growing Systems (AGRI), Brooklyn Immunotherapeutics (BTX) and Aemetis (AMTX)

To strengthen the leadership position, drive the strategy, and streamline the audit and regulatory or compliance procedure, the following companies have hired essential personnel. AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd (NASDAQ: AGRI) announced the hiring of Mr. Richard Levychin to its Board of Directors. In addition, Brooklyn Immunotherapeutics Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: BTX) appointed Mr. Jay Sial as its Chief Administrative Officer, and Aemetis Inc (NASDAQ: AMTX) hired Mehagan Hopkins a Manager.

Strengthen Audit and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee: AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd (NASDAQ: AGRI) announces Richard Levychin to the company’s board of directors. Mr. Levychin will serve on the board’s Executive Compensation, Audit and Nominating, and Corporate Governance Committees. Mr. Richard is a highly acclaimed accounting and business advisory executive. Mr. Levychin has over 25 years of experience in the field of accounts and finance. As a Partner in Galleros Robinson’s last assignment, he was focused on both public and privately held companies. As an adviser, he helps the company define and identify its business and financial objectives and monitor them to achieve the stated objectives. As per the company, Mr. Richard would be an exceptional asset to evaluate and acquire innovative and accretive companies to accelerate the company’s growth further.

Appointment of Chief Administrative Officer: Brooklyn Immunotherapeutics Inc (NYSEAMERICAN: BTX) announced an appointment of Jay Sial as a Chief Administrative Officer. Mr. Jay has substantial experience in managing the finances of various health systems. In his past assignments, Mr. Jay has helped various companies to raise funds, support business development activities, and facility management. Before Brooklyn, Mr. Jay was working as Chief Financial Officer at Aspen Neurosciences.

Hire Manager for Carbon Capture and Sequestration Regulatory and Compliance: Aemetis Inc (NASDAQ: AMTX) appointed Mehagan Hopkins as a Carbon Capture and Sequestration Regulatory and Compliance manager. In his last assignment at Chevron, he was responsible for regulatory work for the Ametis project in carbon capture and biofuels. As per the release, the Aemetis project is of the same area where Mehagan has the expertise and can address the issues on climate change and provide more sustainable business activities for the company in the medium to long term.

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