SuperCom Ltd. Ordinary Shares (NASDAQ: SPCB) Granted $3.6 Million National Electronic Observing Venture in Finland

SuperCom Ltd. Ordinary Shares (NASDAQ: SPCB) was granted a $3.6 million scheme with the national government of Finland to position its PureSecurity Electronic Monitoring (EM) Collection. 

SuperCom’s aims to help Finland advance community security effectiveness 

Through its ground-breaking and proven expertise and amenities, SuperCom wishes to aid Finland in improving public safety effectiveness, decreasing jail congestion, and lowering reoffending.

The countrywide project is set to cover all electric observing criminal lineups within the country. It is projected to comprise at least 1,000 enrollees concurrently for four years, with latent for additions. 

The project will include the succeeding PureSecurity contributions: Jail prisoner observing, GPS pursuing lawbreakers, RF observing for house arrest, and officer and mobile criminal explanations. This placement is intended to assimilate outdated EM with prisoner observing in a unified way, providing ongoing tracking of criminals while in jail and away from the services during short-term discharges.

SuperCom won the grant through a formal offer procedure, of which six companies took part, including the long-term incumbent and present EM vendor for Finland. 

Under the terms of the accolade, the agreement’s value is about $3.6 million. However, incomes documented by SuperCom will be contingent on definite practice levels. The financial plan entails mainly charges for renting the EM system and gear and recurring upkeep charges. SuperCom expects to organize the initial order and start producing incomes shortly after project takeoff.

Award to go through the average stoppage waiting period

This award will go through the usual standstill waiting period before agreement signing is accepted and the project is sprung. 

“We are satisfied to have obtained this award, notching higher than any of the other five players in this spirited tender, including the incumbent and present EM provider for Finland. This yardstick win indicates the third Nordic European republic to select our electric monitoring expertise after Sweden and Denmark in the contemporary bygone,” commented company President and CEO Ordan Trabelsi.

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