Sustainable and Smart Startups In The United States Can Now Use The Intensive Sales Accelerator Program by Gerdau to get New Business Revenue

Gerdau SA ADR (NYSE:GGBis a leading producer of both long steel and special steel. The company has over 100 years of experience, and it has now introduced its Intensive Sales Accelerator Program to the US. This equity and cost-free, 2-phase program helps sustainable and smart startups boost their revenue and even getting additional funding in some scenarios. The company is in search of B2B startup operations with market-ready solutions, services or products with an existing customer base, an active sales department, and fully funded.

Special interest topics 

  1. Carbon and CO2 capture- Tech that can upcycle products or capture carbon for the construction and automotive industries.
  2. Value chain integration- Tech with simple integration layers and advanced usability that allows the user to both analyze and process data from different ERPs and companies in similar value chains. All with the main goal of optimizing response times, emissions, demand management, inventory, or logistics.
  3. Upcycling and recycling- Solution targeting metals (non-ferrous and ferrous), e-waste, and construction waste.
  4. Warehouse technology- Picking optimization, inventory, sustainable solutions, and loading dock optimization.  

Interested parties have until 30th July to apply and the selection day will be on 9th September. Successful applications will get targeted intros to the customers and suppliers of Gerdau as well as intensive sales training from a global network of more than 30,000 mentors and entrepreneurs. The high-performing startups might also get some funding from Paris Ventures and/or changes to develop joint ventures.

Gerdau Next’s Senior Manager for Innovation, Fernanda Ribero Bordin said that the company is incredibly innovative in its own right. However, he also said that they still know they need to collaborate with sustainable and smart startups if they want to stay competitive. They believe that working with these kinds of operations will help make the company more resilient and innovative. It’ll also help make them a better partner to both their customers and suppliers. The accelerator is meant to the best startups optimal support.

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