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T-Mobile US Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) And Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) Announce Expansion Plans Of Constructing Five T-Mobile Customer Support Centres

T-Mobile US Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) and Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) have announced that they ate planning to build five ultramodern customer support centers across the United States. The two companies recently announced a proposed merger that is pending which will create New T-Mobile once it gets finalized. The new customer experience centers are likely to produce approximately 1000 jobs each.

More customer care jobs

Once the building of the new centers gets completed, and they get entirely integrated they will be part of the customer experience centers that offer T-Mobile’s customers comprehensive Team of Experts service. TEX provides their customers with customized support by having a dedicated support team.

The companies equally have plans to expand the existing T-Mobile Centres thus creating extra jobs. Cumulatively at the end of the expansion and construction, the companies will have created over 5,600 jobs by the end of 2021.

Overland Park to get the first center

Overland Park, Kansas has received approval to be the first of the five locations. It will be an extension of the Sprint campus that got announced recently as T-Mobile’s new secondary headquarters. Besides the Customer Experience Centre, the Sprint campus will host a range of New T-Mobile’s business operations and support teams.

T-Mobile CEO, John Lugere, stated that the heroes working in their customer support centers have demonstrated to their customers why they preferred the UN-carrier and that is not going to change even with the transformation to New T-Mobile. He added that with the addition of new five centers they are going to give more customers the treatment they deserve across the U.S.

Overland Park got selected as the first location because of the awesome community in the area that will be part of the New T-Mobile. Mr. Lugere who will be the CEO of New T-Mobile added that he was looking forward to welcoming the new team to the Magenta squad to offer more to their customers. He said that New T-Mobile expects to employ more people than T-Mobile and Sprint could have done independently.

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