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T-Mobile Us Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) Launches The Latest Samsung Superphones That Will Tap Into Their Fastest LTE Netwrok

T-Mobile Us Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) has been rallying since the beginning of the month, and in the last session, the stock lost 0.71% to close at $72.53.This is at the back of the company announcing that the most recent Samsung Galaxy LTE phones were coming to the Un-carrier and will fly the company’s LTE network

Galaxy Superphones already in T-Mobile store

The company indicates that with galaxy S10e one can get four lines with a trade-in or a new voice line for just $40 per line. For customers with fewer lines, they can trade in or get a new line and save up to $620. Pre-sale is already ongoing for the S10, S10e, and S10+ in all T-Mobile stores across the country and will be available online from March 8. For the Un-carrier customers, they should expect Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 5G by summer.

Speaking about Samsung’s latest superphones, T-Mobile CEO John Lugere indicated that the latest Samsung superphones should be on a network that can keep up such as T-Mobile which is the most advanced and fastest LTE network in the United States. Mr. Lugere said that LTE-advanced is already active in the entire T-Mobile LTE network and therefore customers should expect to do everything on the network from posting, texting, sharing and streaming.

Transformation of T-Mobile LTE network

T-Mobile has transformed in the last six years from zero LTE to covering almost the whole of America with the most advanced and fastest LTE network. The latest Galaxy LTE superphones will tap the 600 MHz extended Range of T-Mobile in over 43 states including Puerto Rico. Currently, there is better coverage in most areas such as rural interstate highways, buildings as well as shopping centers.

There are more benefits for the un-carrier customers who will equally receive LTE-advanced connection in the LTE footprint as also offer carrier aggregation speed-boosting trifecta. T-Mobile had a perfect excuse to showcase the latest Galaxy superphones because of enhanced speed on the LTE network.

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