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T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) Leases More Space In Bellevue As They Plan A Sprint Bid To Overhaul Their Headquarters

T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) has leased over 130, 000 square feet of space in Bellevue following the company’s plans of having a sprint takeover bid to have an overhaul of their headquarters.

Recent leases and T-Mobile’s footprint

T-Mobile’s has had real estate activity in recent months which suggests that they may be about to actualize plans of operating a second headquarter in Overland Park in Kansas City. If their sprint bid gets approved, then the company will retain their operations base in the Seattle region.

Recently, the company leased space in Bellevue’s North office Campus which is along the I-90 strip. According to Broderick’s latest report, the company’s footprint includes over 93,840 square feet in the second building and approximately 35, 085 square feet in build 14 and 15.

In October last year, T-Mobile signed a 90,000 square feet lease in the Sunset Corporate Campus in Bellevue’s Interstate 90 corridor. Earlier on they had renewed an office space lease of 174, 546 square feet in Canyon Pointe, Bothell.

Approval of the sprint takeover bid

The sprint takeover bid is currently under the evaluation by the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission. The T-Mobile sprint takeover bid that is awaiting approval is worth $26.5 billion. Meanwhile, T-Mobile has confirmed that they are moving forward with major renovations of their Bellevue Headquarters in the Factoria neighborhood.

T-Mobile and landlord Ivanhoe Cambridge are planning to spend over $160 million in the next three years into face-lift the campus. The T-Mobile lease on the property will run up to 2030.

In November, the company said that they had increased their headcount in the Factoria campus to over 56%. In the last five years, the company has had more than 6,200 staff in Bellevue. However, the number could is more since this excludes the number of retail employees under the company. Equally, T-Mobile has over 8,100 employees working in their Puget Sound location which is not inclusive of the retail employees and distributors.

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