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T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) Report Strong Q4 Results And Growth In Subscribers As They Push For The Sprint (NYSE:S) Merger

T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ:TMUS) after slumping last week the stock has been recovering and in the last trading session, the company gained 1.69% to close the day at $69.60.

The reason behind the recovery is the release of the Q4 earnings as well the continued increase of customers following the merger with Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) which gained 0.85% in the last session to close at $5.95. Following the release of the Q4 result, the stock gained 2% on Thursday closing the day at 68.28.

Increase in subscribers

Following the release of the Q4 earnings, the company indicated that they had added close to one million postpaid subscribers to the wireless network. The quarter increase of 1.02 million subscribers is an increase of 12.2% from last year’s projected 912,000.

The CEO of T-Mobile John Lugere said that he was optimistic that they will seal the merger with Sprint which will see their number of their customers grow. However, the proposed merger between the two carriers is still under review by the antitrust officials.

The CEO indicates that the companies are still in a productive dialogue with the state and federal authorities on the pending merger. He added that the regulators are focused on carrying out a fact-based review before reaching a decision.

The Q4 results

The company said that their Q4 earnings were pegged at $075 per share which was ahead of the $0.69 forecast. Total revenue grew by 5.5% up from $11.4 billion last year which is in line with analyst forecast.

Mr. Lugere indicated that the company finished the year with the best ever financials as well as customer growth. He said that they had record revenues, adjusted EBITDA as well as strong income and for the first time T-Mobile’s post-paid churn exceeded that of AT&T. T-Mobile is currently working hard to win customers as the company continues to deliver beyond their expectations.

The CEO asserted that in their 2019 guidance they expect to continue their standalone momentum.

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