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Atossa Therapeutics Inc (OTCMKTS: ATOS) Releases The Final Data of Their Endoxifen Breast Cancer Study (Phase 2)

Atossa Therapeutics Inc (OTCMKTS: ATOS) is a clinical-stage biopharma organization, is looking to develop and discover innovative medications, and is currently concentrating on coronavirus and breast cancer, has been conducting Phase 2 of their Endoxifen Breast Cancer study and recently released their final data concerning their Phase 2 trials. The […]


Dr. Steven Quay Of Atossa Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ATOS) Will Discuss Phase 2 Clinical Trial Data Of Endoxifen In Patients With Breast Cancer Before Surgery At A Webinar On June 9, 2021

Atossa Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: ATOS)’s CEO, Steven Quay, will discuss and release Phase 2 trial final data of Endoxifen examined in breast cancer patients before surgery at a webinar on June 9, 2021. Other key executives to attend this webinar are its VP (Clinical, CMC, and Regulatory) – B. Heather […]