China Natural Resources Inc (NASDAQ: CHNR) Speaks about the Acquisition of Precise Space-Time Technology

China Natural Resources Inc (NASDAQ:¬†CHNR) has agreed to channel $16.1 million in a deal that will see it acquire Precise Space-Time Technology. It was recently that an independent valuation firm estimated the value of Precise Space-Time Technology. China Natural Resources Inc buys off Precise Space-Time Technology at a discounted rate […]


China Natural Resources Inc (NASDAQ: CHNR) to Purchase Precise Space-Time Technology for 104.1 Million Chinese Yuan ($16.1 million)

China Natural Resources Inc (NASDAQ: CHNR) has picked up Precise Space-Time Technology Limited for a price of about 104.1 million Chinese Yuan ($16.1 million). It is a 20% markdown to the worth of Precise Space-Time Technology as ascertained by an independent assessment company. Precise Space-Time Technology, through its businesses, possesses […]