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Fortuna Silver Mines Inc (NYSE: FSM) Reports the Creation of 55,953 gold Correspondent Iotas for the Second Quarter

Fortuna Silver Mines Inc (NYSE: FSM) has reported 55,953 gold correspondent iotas in the second quarter from its three functioning pits in the Americas. Second Quarter Amalgamated Creation Silver and gold creation for the first six months of 2021 summed 3,806,577 iotas and 65,603 iotas, correspondingly, or 115,690 gold equivalent […]


Fortuna Silver Mines Inc (NYSE: FSM) Announces Merger With Roxgold Inc As It Expands Its Operations In West Africa

Fortuna Silver Mines Inc (NYSE: FSM) and Roxgold Inc struck a progressive merger recently, a move expected to result in massive business expansion, among other things. The coming together of the two has given birth to a low-cost intermediate gold and silver producer that takes pride in its four operating mines […]