Khosla Ventures Acquisition (KVSB), Carlotz (LOTZ), Support.com (SPRT), Provention Bio (PRVB) Under Legal Scanner

Khosla Ventures Acquisition II Co (NASDAQ: KVSB) is under legal investigation. Law firm Brodsky & Smith announces that it has initiated an Investigation of Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co. II. Claims that are made against the company‚Äôs board of directors are under scrutiny. It is alleged that the board of directors […]


Nextdoor, the Neighborhood Network Became a Traded Firm by Joining with Khosla Ventures Acquisition II Co (NASDAQ: KVSB)

On July 6, under the ‘Nextdoor’ publicly listed firm, Nextdoor Inc, and Khosla Ventures Acquisition II Co (NASDAQ: KVSB), an outstanding purpose acquisition firm sponsored by an associate of Khosla Ventures, declared that they joined into an explicit agreement. By this proposed transaction, the collective firm will be recorded under […]