American Resources Corp (NASDAQ: AREC) boosts Rare Earth Component Electrolysis Handling Know-how Equipment

American Resources Corporation (NASDAQ: AREC) announced its development in the commercialization of its rare earth element (“REE”) electrolysis dispensation expertise. The company enlarges gear functionality to improve the output of its moveable rare earth element dispensation plantĀ  The company has presented in the construction stage of its earlier announced 2kW […]


American Resources Corp (NASDAQ: AREC) Collaboration With Purdue University Helps Produce Pure Rare Earth Elements

The stock of American Resources Corp (NASDAQ: AREC) rose by a margin of 3.77% to finally settle at $3.03. This company has been cooperating with Purdue University in a sponsored research partnership targeted at achieving maximum purity levels of Neodymium (Nd). The two relied upon a chromatography process and technology […]