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Orbital Energy Group Inc (NASDAQ: OEG) Subsidiary Awarded DAS Project by Large U.S. Cellular Carrier

At a huge market capitalization of 235.52M USD, Orbital Energy Group Inc (NASDAQ: OEG) is down 0.44%. The stock exited at $4.51 on Monday at the ring of a bell. Yesterday, the company announced that Gibson Technical Services, its subsidiary, has acquired a significant project for distributed antennae system installation. […]


Orbital Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: OEG) Skyrocketing With Fiber Buildout Project Across Central Mississippi

Orbital Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: OEG) is riding high on the tide of its recent announcement of a 700-miles huge fiber buildout project across Central Mississippi. The shares soared 76.7% on a record volume on Tuesday in the afternoon trading session. Texas-based Orbital Energy, the diversified energy platform, said that […]


Will Orbital Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: OEG) TEC agreement promises higher road ahead?

Orbital Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: OEG) investors are hopeful of this stock with its recently announced acquired subsidiary winning a huge fiber buildout project. The stock opened today with a 115.21% high. Gibson Technical Services has won a project of around 700-miles of facilitating construction and engineering turnkey services in […]