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ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) Launches ReShape Marketplace

ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS), a weight loss solution company, announced the launch of ReShape Marketplace (online platform), offering customers products into four different Wellness dimensions – Exercise, Stress, Nutrition, and Sleep. Online platform easy access for a customer: ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) launch its online platform ReShape Marketplace […]


ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) Announces An Increase In Lap-Band® Utilization

ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) believes in Lap-Band surgery’s effectiveness when helping patients meet their weight loss goals. It believes the Lap-Band surgery pulls along with pretty minimal complications compared to the rest of the weight loss procedures available. It announces a significant increase in the Band® utilization, a phenomenon observed […]


ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) Finalizes $46 Million Capital Raise With Significant Established Stockholders

ReShape Lifesciences Inc (NASDAQ: RSLS) delivered added information about its beforehand announced security exercise contract with prevailing qualified depositors for approximately $46 million in gross proceeds. In addition, the company is presently fastened by the Lap-Band® System with over 1,000,000 universal employments and the company’s lately launched reshapecare™ virtual health […]