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VBI Vaccines Inc (NASDAQ: VBIV) Adds Linda Bain To Its Board Of Directors: Sema4 Inducts Jason Ryan To Its Director Board

VBI Vaccines Inc (NASDAQ: VBIV) recruited Linda Bain to its director board. Linda will play an essential role with her extensive experience in promoting growth because VBI plans to accomplish corporate milestones.  Linda will bring a wealth of experience in financial strategy and promote the growth of biotech companies’ businesses. […]


Vaccines Inc (NASDAQ: VBIV) Announces Preliminary Optimistic Stage 1 Data for Its eVLP Vaccine Contender against COVID-19

VBI Vaccines Inc (NASDAQ: VBIV) today announced constructive Stage 1 data from its Stage 1/2 pilot of the paramount of its enclosed virus-like particle (eVLP) COVID-19 inoculation contenders, VBI-2902a, in healthy grownups age 18-54 years of age. The Stage 1 lot of the ongoing Phase 1/2 revision evaluated one- and […]