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XL Fleet Corp (NYSE: XL) And eNow, Inc Pronounce Partnership Deal To Electrify Refrigerated Trailers

XL Fleet Corp (NYSE: XL) is excited to sign a new deal with eNow, Inc. The company happens to be one of the top performers in vehicle electrification solutions for municipal and commercial fleets. According to analysts, a battery and power electronics development and supply agreement positions the company on the […]

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XL Fleet Corp (NYSE: XL) Promotes the Isuzu NPR-HD Unveiling a Hybrid Electric Drive System Upfit

XL Fleet Corp (NYSE: XL) disclosed information regarding the availability of its XL Hybrid electric drive system as an unfit solution for the new Isuzu NPR-HD. The XL Fleet’ considers the electrification system to be its newest product release, and it has outlined the various associated benefits.  Focusing on the operational […]