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Tantech Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: TANH) Subsidiary Begins to Accepting Orders for Innovative Driverless and Manned Street Sweepers to Fulfill Initial Customers Orders

Tantech Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: TANH), a Chinese clean energy company, announced that its deputy, Lishui Smart New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., began accepting orders. They take orders from customers for two of its new, innovative driverless and autonomous street sweeper prototypes built to fulfill initial customers’ orders. 

What They are Promoting?

The Shanghai SC-120A model promotes automatic sweeping, unmanned. Moreover, the Shanghai SC-120 B prototype features autonomous, manned, and intelligent sweeping. The two models successfully passed all design requirements, quality control, standard factory reviews, and factory testing.  

The SC-120A and SC-120B prototypes are feature-rich, attractive, and wealthy sweepers that combine information collection tech, data analysis systems, artificial intelligence controls, navigation, positioning systems, safety assurance technology, and actuators. Moreover, the ingenious street sweepers boast efficient route learning, real-time deep learning, and memory. 

The SC-120A’s machine vision technology lets the driverless prototype safely and accurately operate in standard environments. Both sweeper models have two operating models, litter collecting and cleaning, and can be used for over 10 hours at a time. Also, it is assured with a 1-year warranty.    

CEO Words

Chief Executive Officer of Tantech, Mr. Wangfeng Yan, said that they are proud to introduce their innovative SC120A and SC120B prototypes to market successfully. They designed these sweepers with close attention to accomplish safety and experience. Moreover, Mr. Wangfeng Yan said they provide special sweepers with a greater return on investment than traditional, less productive street sweepers. The prototype, innovations, and high-quality production make certain maximum uptime and reduced maintenance costs. These are critical differentiators and significant selling points to consumers, who can operate their sweepers in both open and closed spaces. 

He also adds that consumers worldwide had limited choices and been forced to keep older, ineffective sweepers in operation longer. Taken together, they except their new prototype will assist them in taking market share as they proceed to build momentum in their business diversification and transformation. 

Moreover, Tantech has been a highly specialized high technological enterprise producing, developing, and researching bamboo charcoal-based products for the decade. 

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