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Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) Collaborate With MIT for Major Research Projects

Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) announced that the company is collaborating with MIT for two major research projects to develop hardware that could power next-generation mobile networks.

Powering next-generation mobile network: Ericsson, in collaboration with MIT, is expected to develop a new infrastructure network to permit the revolutionary for the next-generation mobile network, 5G and 6G. As per Ericsson, the new infrastructure network will be super fast and reliable for users. Furthermore, Ericsson works on cognitive network research relying on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enable data-driven, highly automized network operations. To improve the network’s computing power and energy-efficient operation, Ericsson is working with MIT to develop a new design in lithionic chip, thereby enabling more efficient Artificial Intelligence processing. This, coupled with gully enable cognitive network, will reduce energy consumption sharply.

Working on other platforms: Along with the cognitive network infrastructure, the company collaborates with MIT that connects trillions of sensors and other devices that are “zero energy” around the users powering these devices in a most cost-effectively through radio signals through technology change. Both companies are working on various research and development activities to see how a user can utilize a network harvest radio signals for lower power consumption to complete a task. The work will also include how this network can be designed to control the next-generation device. 

Ericsson believes that this network infrastructure is a way forward, and they are ready to face the technological challenges to make the user life simpler. Moreover, as per the street, knowledge of Ericsson’s expertise in mobile technology and MIT can quickly develop hardware, which can power new Artificial Intelligence applications, and move forward to support the next generation of mobile networks – 5G and 6G. Therefore, it is expected that when the two leaders join hands, the development works happen faster, and with this new infrastructure network, accessibility and speed will increase sharply.

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