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Teradyne, Inc. (NASDAQ:TER) Announces Acquisition Of Lemsys SA To Enhance Its Growth Through Their Distribution Network And Financial Muscle

Teradyne, Inc. (NASDAQ:TER) after weeks of rallying their stock lost 1.69% in the last previous trading session to end the day at $37.85.

The stock has been consistent in the last few days since the company made the announcement that they were acquiring privately held Lemsys SA. Teradyne and the Lemsys SA shareholders announced on January 30, 2019, that the former was buying the 21 person company as they look to expand their role in the budding power test market. However, Lemsys will continue operating in Geneva with the current staff and management.

Growing the semiconductor test market

Lemsys is a major global supplier of power test equipment especially those of high power semiconductor industry. They serve the growing and emerging power discrete module and device market segments aligned to solar and wind generation, electric vehicles as well as high power applications in industrial operations.

Greg Smith, Teradyne‚Äôs Semiconductor Test division President, stated that Lemsys is a leading company in the emerging high power discrete market segment in the semiconductor test sector and they were pleased to have an alliance with the company. He added that with Lemsys’ talented team and leading product line in the industry it would enable them to expand t5he variety of test solutions that Teradyne offers top power semiconductor clients.

Expanding manufacturing footprint

Lemsys CEO, Giuseppe Santandrea while speaking on the acquisition indicated that a company they were delighted to work together with Teradyne as they develop their product development as well as their market segment. He indicates that they can achieve the intended growth by leveraging Teradyne’s experienced and world-class expertise as well as their customer support abilities. He equally said that with Teradyne they would be in a position to grow and expand their manufacturing footprint beyond Europe and China to the rest of the world.

Lemsys is a significant player in the provision of test equipment as well as power semiconductor discrete modules and devise. The company’s product portfolio includes power modules, diodes, MOSFET and IGBT test equipment as well as Intelligent Power Modules.

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