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Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Gives Up On Its End-Year Goal Of Full Self-Driving Cars

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has issued a memo explaining Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)  progress with self-driving technology. The memo shows how the company held a session with a California regulator, outlining that it won’t reach its set year-end goal of full self-driving technology.

Company’s perspective

The turn of events contrasts with Elon Musk’s statement in January. Tesla’s CEO said that they would succeed in developing self-driving cars by the end of this year. He spoke in an earnings conference call, coming out as rather confident in the company’s technological success.

Tesla’s “full self-driving” (FSD) program started in October and continues to benefit a section of the company’s customers and employees. It refers to the program as a “beta” version, and Musk keeps applauding its capabilities on Twitter.

The conference call

It was in March that the  California DMV held a conference call with a section of Tesla representatives. One of the big names in attendance was CJ Moore, an autopilot engineer. Tesla remains in a semi-automated driving system, which implies that Tesla hasn’t hit its target of full self-driving technology. Level 2 technology happens to be the other name for the semi-automated driving system. It is a technology that hugely relies on a human driver to play the supervisory role. 

Tesla doesn’t agree with Elon’s earlier projections regarding the company’s technological improvements, citing the official extrapolated matters. Elon’s projections cited that the company would reach the L5 capabilities before the year came to a close, something that Tesla doubts.

Tesla has indicated its current standing, asserting that it remains at L2. The company acknowledges that technology has its limits and calls out to the general public to understand such limits better to prevent imminent danger. Tesla forbids technology misuses, outlining that it may have dire consequences.

The California Highway Patrol has learned about a recent accident involving a Tesla vehicle and a truck and has started investigating the matter. The incident happened on a highway near Fontana, California. The Patrol unit disclosed that Wednesday’s incident and how it claimed the life of one Tesla driver.

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