Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Shifts Focus To Sell Empty Tequila Bottles In China And Europe

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has taken to the sale of tequila bottles. It sells unveiled the products as collectibles. The company sells these decanters in China and Europe, with sources showing its CEO Elon Musk as rather fond of selling curiosities.

Challenges facing liquor distribution

Musk has in his speeches severally touched on the subject of liquor distribution and the associated challenges. The company official lately took to a tweet outlining that liquor distribution was marred with great difficulty, especially when it came to overseas markets.

Tesla focuses on selling thunderbolt-themed empty bottles, hoping to generate high revenues in both China and Europe. The company has in the past taken advantage of the United States market, selling tequila in its receptacles. The major shift that has gotten it focusing on the sale of empty bottles is something rather intriguing for most people. 

Tesla encourages customers to visit its France’s website o purchase the decanters going at a price tag of EUR 150 ($176.77) in Europe. The same products cost RMB 779 ($119) in China.

Tesla’s sales

Musk has been closely following the dynamics surrounding liquor distribution worldwide. The company’s leader sees the many rules governing liquor distribution globally as a significant setback that needs to be addressed. However, the official has disclosed details about Tesla’s plan to sell the shot glasses and the lightening bottles worldwide. The current collectibles listings mention a lot of products, except the shot glasses.

It was back in November that the company took to the sale of the Tesla Tequila. The company treated customers to some thunder-bolt-shaped bottles priced at $250 each. The company made significant sales, with sources showing it as having sold out the product in hours. To ensure as many customers as possible got to taste the remarkable product, the company limited how many bottles a single person could buy. Every customer only had the opportunity to get two bottles of the Tesla Tequila. 

The eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) online marketplace is the other point where customers can buy the empty bottles at a $729 price tag.

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