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TESSCO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:TESS) Expands Its Services To Retailers Through Unveiling Of Partner Solutions

It is becoming increasingly clear to TESSCO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:TESS) that retail customers are essential to the correct continuity of business. Notably, the firm distributes technology and other related products to both retail and commercial customers. However, it is clear that the firm had a bias toward commercial customers to the detriment of the retail customers.

Tessco looking out for its retail customers

In a recent statement, the firm revealed the unveiling of Partner Solutions which will prioritize retail customers. According to TESS, the new company will facilitate retail customers’ navigation of the next generation wireless technology. Further, retailers will have the unique opportunity to get a sense of consumer behavior. As such, they will be in a better position to makes sales and revenue estimates.

Notably, Partner Solutions will provide a platform where retail customers can get all the crucial tools and solutions necessary to exist successfully in the industry. In particular, the platform will include services like consumer research and analytics that are best-in-class. Further, retail customers will access digital platforms that are powerful and which will transform their businesses.

According to Liz Robinson, an SVP at TESS, the technology landscapes are ever changing, and stakeholders need to be ahead to survive. Notably, navigating the landscape successfully requires players to have access to such an invaluable platform like Partner Solutions.

A platform to spark crucial conversations around tech distribution

In essence, the addition of Partner Solutions to the company’s portfolio is strategic. As such, Tessco will be able to forge long term relationships with their customers in this uncertain world of distribution.

“Attracting and forging relationships with today’s consumer requires more than product and pricing. With Partner Solutions, we are bringing our customers the insights, technology, consumer experience, and renewal strategies to streamline their business, drive traffic, and grow profits,” said Robinson.

Interestingly, Partner Solutions is not the company’s first attempt at shoring up loyalty from its customers. Early December last year, the firm introduced Tessco Concierge Series, a platform for exclusive meet-ups among industry bigwigs. Notably, the principal outcome of the platform is sparking crucial conversations around infrastructure by leading tech manufacturers and the public agencies.

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